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PATH4YOU provides FREE birth control across Indiana with no cost, no hassle, and no judgment.

No matter what you choose, it’s all free.

From natural family planning to long-acting reversible contraception (like intrauterine devices and arm implants) – when it comes to birth control, the decision is yours.

No hassle.

And the best part – we’re here when you need us! Take control of your
reproductive healthcare anywhere, anytime, 24/7!

No judgment.

No matter what you choose, PATH4YOU can provide birth control focused
around your values, and your needs.

How does it work?

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Schedule an appointment. Free in-person or virtual visit appointments available in Indiana.

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Your appointment confirmation message will include a link to our birth control explorer where you can learn about different birth control methods that you may be interested in.

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Step 3:

Attend your one-on-one appointment with a trusted clinical provider. Your visit will focus on you and what is important to you.

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After you have chosen your birth control method, you will receive the method that same day, or have it sent to a pharmacy near you or delivered to your home.

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PATH4YOU takes care of patients of all ages. We have appointment options catered just for you.

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No matter how you identify, PATH4YOU will provide judgment-free, pregnancy prevention. Our physicians and offices are safe spaces free from stigmas, prejudice, ignorance and unsafe practices.